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What’s the difference between marketing and advertising?

What’s the difference between marketing and advertising? -by Tracy Harven I’ve been asked this question numerous times. The simplest answer is that marketing is the entire plan to sell your business and advertising is one of the ways your message is communicated. Dictionary version: Marketing – Noun 1) The action or business of promoting and … Continue reading What’s the difference between marketing and advertising?


What goes into a marketing plan?

What goes into a marketing plan? -by Tracy Harven With all the marketing and advertising choices out there today, have you ever wondered if you’re making the right choices? From outdoor, television, radio, print, digital, trade shows, public relations, guerilla marketing, promotions, search engine optimization, pay per click, social media, reputation management, etc. where do … Continue reading What goes into a marketing plan?

What’s a marketer to do?

Think small.

In 1999, Advertising Age named “Think Small” the number one advertising campaign of all time in their “Century of Advertising” publication. “Think Small” was a campaign created in 1959 by legendary ad agency Doyle Dane Bernbach for Volkswagen. In the era of the land yacht they produced quirky black and white ads promoting a quirky little car. What most people don’t know however is the DDB had only 21 employees when they created the ‘best advertising’ campaign ever.

Small is good.

As a small sized marketing company, we offer more benefits and advantages than our larger competitors. Our goal is to earn a good living, doing something we love among people we enjoy working with. And that smaller mentality provides large benefits for our clients.

Consider the small agency advantages:

  • We’re adaptive and more open to change
  • Less risk
  • Our group is more conductive to building a strong, bonded team
  • More efficient
  • Clients receive agency principal attention
  • Fewer management duties mean more time to think and ideas are what we sell

In short, we offer better service at a better cost.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketing professional or just starting out and still searching for answers, your first steps are the same. THINK SMALL and hire us.